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The Greyson

Tired, mid-rise apartment buildings line Jamison Avenue, view -- leafless trees and frozen power lines.  Superintendent, STEFAN BRULE (40s), tall, thin, unhappy eyes, has been tasked with replacing a cut chain on a lawn sign of one of the low-rent buildings.  The askew sign reads: THE GREYSON -- NO VACANCIES.


GEORGE TURKOWSKI (50), a Polish immigrant and World War II veteran, his Canadian wife ELLIE (40), and sons, ANDY (16) and MARK (9), have recently moved into The Greyson after a troubled real estate deal George invested in went belly-up, forcing them to sell their High Park home.  The Greyson is managed by George’s sister BARBARA (40s) who is also no stranger to heartache, having been recently widowed.  Barbara has formed a group for tenants in the building who have lost loved ones and wish to communicate with them.  


While attending one of the sessions, George is the only one to see a BLOND BOY, who, from his frightful appearance, looks to have died violently.  George believes the boy to be VICTOR, a childhood friend who was shot by a soldier in the Red Army after the Russians had invaded Poland.  George and Barbara reach out to JOYCE and RANDALL KOBIN (60s), intermediaries between this world and the afterlife.  A séance is performed to help Victor crossover.   But the hauntings continue, escalating with a near-fatal experience for George in a subway station.  It is only then that George discovers that the entity was not Victor, but a murdered boy connected to The Greyson. 

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